What is Camp Bongopix?

This is a place to rewind, slow down, turn off your cell phone, and hang out with the people you’re on vacation with. We love camping and would be stoked to share our passion for the outdoors with you. We are a husband and wife team and we love what we do.

How do I make a reservation?

We only accept reservations through Airbnb. We are not interested in inquiries through any other method. On very rare occasions when we host events at Camp Bongopix we will take reservations through Instagram or Facebook. So follow us!

What if I want to rent more than one cabin?

Bongo Mike and Andrea are event-industry veterans. Bongo was a wedding photographer for 5 years and Andrea worked in the movie theatre industry for 10 years. WE LOVE EVENTS. The entire property may be rented out and we can accommodate around 30 people.

We can customize your event with special features such as photography, retro DJing, and singing/playing guitar at your camp fire.

If you want to inquire about hosting an event at Camp Bongopix contact us through Instagram or Facebook, thanks in advance!

Why do you only use Airbnb?

When we travel we only use Airbnb. So naturally when we host guests we do it through Airbnb. There are several other reasons why we exclusively use Airbnb:

1. Airbnb is the only site that identifies with our hosting goals

We provide a very social and personalized Algonquin Park experience. Airbnb is the only travel website that we identify with since they strive to connect you with hosts like us – crazy folks that are active, adventurous, social, and seeking a unique travel experience.

2. Airbnb has a great review system

Airbnb allows us to build a trusting relationship with our guests before they arrive. That’s why you need to make a profile and write us a thoughtful message when you request to stay. And after you head home we kindly request that you write a review about us and we write a review about you.

3. All financial stuff is taken care of

Airbnb makes the financial transaction of the reservation very easy and simple. When you arrive we won’t have to fiddle around with credits cards – everything is taken care of in advance.

What is your philosophy?

Camp Bongopix is built on 5 ideas:

1. Love of the Wild

We love the wild. This is what draws everyone to Whitney. Our location is right on Galeairy Lake – a lake that connects directly with Algonquin Park. You can canoe into Algonquin from our dock, or you can drive into the park in 5 minutes and explore a plethora of trails along the park’s Highway 60 corridor. Or you can borrow one of our bikes and check out some rural backroads. Go exploring!

2. Social Interaction

Camp Bongopix is designed to encourage social interaction between all guests. If you are coming here in a group then you will end up with a lot of fun memories to share. Alternatively, you can come here alone and you’ll easily make friends with all the like-minded people that stay at Camp Bongopix.

3. Small Town Charm

Camp Bongopix is in a unique location because we are on the edge of Algonquin Park but we are also in downtown Whitney. Despite our remote nature Whitney is a very walkable town. While we insist that you explore the neighbouring wilderness, a visit to Camp Bongopix is not complete without enjoying Whitney. We offer great restaurants and charming stores – all within walking distance.

4. Nostalgia for the Past

Our cabins were built in the late 1950s and we fully intend to preserve their retro character. We revere the past and our cabins are meticulously decorated with a 70s/80s retro aesthetic. The cabins are stocked with retro goodies such as VCRs, Nintendo, and vinyl/audio cassettes/CDs. Our mission is to recreate the classic cottage experience that seems to have disappeared with the advent of Muskoka-style cottage mansions and luxury resorts.

5. Rewind and Disconnect

Camp Bongopix does not offer wi-fi or cable (you can get cell phone reception, however). We want you to turn your phone off and connect with the people that you are on vacation with. If you really need wi-fi there are two restaurants less than 5 minutes away that you can walk to that offer free internet.


What is the Backpacker’s Bunk?

The Backpacker’s Bunk is Algonquin Park’s newest and coolest hostel. Rather than share a bathroom, at the Backpacker’s Bunk you get a private room with toilet/shower, and you share a Common Room and fire pit. The fire pit is your cooking area (there is no indoor kitchen). The Common Room and the fire pit are your hang out spots. The Backpacker’s Bunk was specifically built for no frills Algonquin Park hikers and canoe trippers. Rates are reasonable and the atmosphere is very social. If you seek peace and tranquility we recommend to stay at the Backpacker’s Bunk in the off season or during the week. The Common Room can be loud on weekends due to our Saturday night weekly jam.

Why do you call them “Retro Cabins”?

Two reasons. #1: Because they are practically antique cottages and provide a “retro” cottage experience, and #2: They are decorated in a retro style and they are also stocked with retro goodies. Each cabin offers a slightly different retro experience. For instance, Ken’s Cabin has a CD player and Super Nintendo, meanwhile Hyrule Cabin offers an audio cassette player and an original Nintendo.

How much are Nintendo/VHS/Vinyl rentals?

Free! Camp Bongopix guests are welcome to browse our massive collection of retro goodies and sign out as much as they wish. We kindly ask that you only have up to 5 VHS tapes, 3 Nintendo games, and 5 vinyl out at any given time. Come by and ask us what you might be looking for. If we don’t have what you’re looking for then we can recommend something similar. We are continually building our library so when we don’t have a requested title we normally try to hunt it down for next time.

Do you ever worry that guests might steal your stuff?

No, we do not lose any sleep over this. We believe in the sharing economy. Our goal is not to “sell rooms and make money,” we want to share an experience. Plus, all of our bookings are through AirBnb – a travel website that allows guests and hosts to rate each other. Both parties are accountable.

How private are the cabins?

Our accommodations offer a terrific mixture of privacy and social opportunities. You can book your own cabin and have total privacy inside. You also have your own private outdoor area (fire pit & deck). On our property you will bump into other friendly guests, but you can always escape and find privacy by canoeing out onto the lake, driving into Algonquin Park, or riding a bicycle along rural backroads. Or you can visit one of our local restaurants! You can be as social as you like or as private as you desire. Some guests keep to themselves and that’s totally cool by us!


What should I bring?

If you aren’t sure what to bring – please ask me! The key to enjoying Camp Bongopix is to be prepared for any kind of weather. Even in the summer bring long sleeves. Sometimes the temperature may dip at night, or the bugs can be bad. For the bug season in June I advise buying a bug suit. They’re not that expensive and will really allow you to enjoy a special season that most people avoid! Also be prepared for rain! The more prepared you are the more you are going to enjoy the camping experience.

Do you have a beach?

Yes, we have a very small sandy beach area on our property. There is a bigger public beach located in Whitney about a 2-minute drive from our location. Please note: if you are seeking a true Southern Ontario sandy beach, we recommend considering the premier beach areas that our province offers: Pinery Provincial Park, Wasaga, Sandbanks, or Presqu’ile. The best beaches in Ontario are arguably located on the shores of the great lakes. Beaches in the Algonquin Park area are awesome although we don’t have the same quality of sand… but we also aren’t as crowded, and Algonquin Park is right on our doorstep!!!

Does the cabin have a fire pit?

Yes, each cabin has its own private fire pit. Please bring your own firewood. The town grocery store is within walking distance and they sell bags of firewood. Please note that the grocery store closes around 6pm everyday so be sure to stock up in advance!

Do you have a kitchen, flush toilets, shower, etc.?

Yes, each cabin is equipped with a fully stocked kitchen. You get: a fridge, stove, pots, pans, cutlery, toaster, microwave, charcoal BBQ, and dishes. We kindly ask that you keep your kitchen clean and tidy up the dishes when you leave. Please supply your own charcoal for the BBQ.

We have hot water showers and flush toilets. Please note: we are remotely located so we do not have “city style plumbing.” The water pressure in the shower is gentle and our toilets do not “power flush.” Again, we are a retro cottage experience. If power showers are very important to you then you might want to consider a more upscale and contemporary luxury cottage resort.

Do you allow pets?

Yes! We have allowed pets from day 1. Please keep your pets well maintained, well behaved, and brushed – and that’s perfect for us!

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept payments through Airbnb. When you arrive we won’t need to charge your credit card – it’s all taken care of in advance by Airbnb.

What is your cancellation policy?

We are a small business and rely on customers honouring their reservations. Airbnb helps enforce our strict cancellation policy. If you cancel before 7 days of arrival then you will receive 50%. Reservations that are cancelled late (less than 7 days prior to arrival) then we keep 100% of the rental fee.

Instead of cancelling we recommend that guests simply postpone their trip – there is no penalty for postponing your trip!

If you have any questions about this please send us an inquiry on Airbnb!