The Backpacker’s Bunk is Algonquin Park’s hip new hostel. All guests have their own private room + bathroom – with a shared common room and shared fire pit. The Bunk retains a “hostel” like atmosphere because it is designed to:

1. Encourage guests to socialize and mingle with other Bunkmates.

2. Encourage guests to spend time outdoors.

On busy weekends the Bunk can be a loud place since there is a communal fire pit just outside where guests often congregate for nightly campfires. In cold or wet weather guests also use the Common Room as a place to play live music and listen to music. The Backpacker’s Bunk is not recommended for guests who seek solitude. If you wish for a quieter experience we recommend our cabins, or just go interior camping! But ultimately, if you seek the solitude of the wilderness, the best place to go is into the Algonquin interior!

Common Room

The Common Room kicks ass. It’s a great place to relax and mingle with fellow Algonquin Park travellers. Andrea and Mike tend to jam with guitars and bongo drums on weekends!