South Algonquin Photo Makeover

Let's strengthen our digital footprint on the internet with higher quality photos that make an impact

I was a self employed photographer in Toronto before operating Camp Bongopix. Although my primary focus is now hospitality, photography has stayed with me as an essential tool in marketing my business in this digital society. Through conversations with members at the South Algonquin Business Association, I’ve learned that local business owners have a desire to upgrade their websites with higher quality photographs. If all South Algonquin businesses/entrepreneurs upgrade their online images it will raise the profile of the Township and contribute to positive economic growth.

Photography Makeover: $300, taxes inlcuded

My commercial rates normally start at $500, and can go upwards of $1,000 (plus tax) depending on the size of the project and if any travel is involved. I want to offer the businesses of South Algonquin a reasonably priced photography solution so that we can all elevate our online brands and improve the profile of South Algonquin as a whole.

Hospitality Photos

I became a full-time professional Airbnb superhost in May 2015. I manage 8 listings and have amassed 1,600+ reviews and a 4.9/5 overall rating. My philosophy is to photograph your hospitality business through the eyes of your customer. You want photos that make your hospitality business appear clean, bright, charismatic, and welcoming. I always take photos from a variety of perspectives: everything from up close details, to wide angle shots from afar.

Food Photography

My philosophy with food photography is simple: your eyes should be able to "taste" the photo. I photographed hundreds of events in Toronto between 2010-2015, each one boasting to have the most hip and delicious food. I am responsible for all of the photography for Uncle Smoke Cookhouse in Toronto. Food tourism is an exploding industry, take advantage of this current trend!

People Photography

Nothing is more challenging than people photography, and it's the backbone of my entrepreneurial career. Customers don't want to just see your logo, they want to see the faces of the people who stand behind the business. I believe in providing confident headshots that suggest a friendly and welcoming tone. Of course, candids and "action shots" are essential for communicating a strong work ethic.

Hotel/motel Photography Samples

Samples of a quirky Airbnb cabin

This photo makeover service includes 3 hours of on-site photography for any business operating in the Township of South Algonquin. Bongopix delivers all of the high resolution digital images to the business with a license to use the photos freely for the purposes of marketing (a separate licensing agreement will need to be determined if a businesses wishes to use a Bongopix photo for a souvenir postcard). Within a 3-hour time period I am able to photograph 1-3 rooms in detail, common areas, staff, the grounds, and any other additional products or services. Photos are delivered on USB 3 weeks following the date of the photoshoot.

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