Why don't you allow kids?

We have a licensed tavern on the property. We are officially a 19+ cabin destination. Our vibe is mature and child free. We host many bachelor parties and get-aways for people who need a break from kids or family. Our vibe is mature, care free, and non-judgmental. If you must travel with children, please book another resort. If you're coming to Bongopix, please book a babysitter, and come here to enjoy being a free adult!

Can I bring my 18-year old?

If you can't legally smoke a joint or drink a beer with your child, then don't bring them here. We are a child free environment. Bongopix is a childfree camp for adults. We don't want our guests to be in parent mode. This is a place for adults to do adult things. As soon as your child turns the legal age of 19, then you can come here and hang out with them as adults.

Can I bring my infant?

Congrats on becoming a new parent! Sorry, our cabins are not comfortable for newborns or infants. Please come back when you book a babysitter and need a break from being a parent. There are many cottage resorts and Airbnb cabins that will be able to accommodate you better.

Can I bring my dog?

YES! We are 100% pet friendly. Most guests bring dogs or cats. Please clean up after you pet, and keep your pet under control and leashed. Don't let your dog run around and bark at other people. If your pet sheds a lot of hair, please protect our couches and bedding by bringing your own doggy blankets. Sweeping the cabin before you leave also helps!

Do you have canoes or kayaks?

All registered Bongopix guests have access to our complimentary canoes and kayaks. We supply the boats, paddles, life jackets, and orange safety buckets. You can spend an entire day paddling on Galeairy Lake. Each paddler must sign our digital waiver before participating.

Can I swim?

YES! We love swimming, and we swim nearly every day in the spring/summer here at our waterfront. The swimming is safe and refreshing. It is pristine Ontario fresh water that flows from Algonquin Park - it's very clean (although don't drink it untreated). NO LIFEGUARD! Swim at your own risk. If you're not a confident swimmer, please use our complimentary life jackets to help you float. We have a grassy / sandy beach area.

Can I light fireworks?

Sorry, no, we do not allow fireworks anywhere on our property. Our insurance does not cover accidents arising from fireworks. We also do not want the pollutant byproducts of fireworks to litter our waterfront and property.

Can I have a campfire?

Every cabin has its own firepit. As long as we aren't under a fireban (this happens when we have a dry season of persistent forest fires) then you are permitted to have a campfire anytime between 6pm-9am during the months of May-October. Please DO NOT light a campfire during the daytime between May-October, it is against the law in our municipality. If we see you light a fire inappropriately we will politely ask you to put it out.

Do you sell firewood?

We provide you with free natural fire starters, but we don't sell fire wood. All of the businesses in the village of Whitney sell fire wood, please purchase wood from one of the local businesses.

How close are the cabins to each other?

If seclusion is what you seek, then I recommend to book a more remote cabin or cottage. Camp Bongopix is centrally located in the village of Whitney, within walking distance to amenities AND pristine wilderness. We have 5 cabins on 1 acre of land, and we are located in a rural neighbourhood. You have your own privacy of your cabin, but you might hear a lawn mower across the river, or say hi to another Bongopix guest while sunbathing at our beach.

Do I need to bring my own charcoal?

Yes. We provide you with a Weber Kettle Charcoal Grill, and you bring the charcoal. Please DO NOT bring lighter fluid to light your BBQ. Lighter fluid is dangerous, poisonous, and it smells awful. We provide you with natural fire starters to light your BBQ. The fire starters look like brown wafers, each one burns for about 10 minutes. Expose your coals to 10-15mins of flames, and you're cooking.

I don't know how to build a fire...

We're happy to show you if you're not experienced with campfires or charcoal! Please text us for help and one of us is usually available on call.