Tavern Safety Policies

Bongopix Tavern is the only nightlife establishment in the Township of South Algonquin. Being licensed to sell alcohol, Bongopix Tavern has heightened responsibilities to ensure that patrons are safe and that the local community is respected.

Safe Space Policy

Bongopix Tavern is an inclusive safe space. People of all sexual orientations, genders, and races are welcome. The Tavern is a small intimate space. If you have hateful opinions, please do not pollute our air with toxicity. Our staff have been trained to address hateful and inappropriate comments. Help us out, don't be a buzz kill. So please, if you visit Bongopix Tavern, don't make it awkward for the staff and other patrons. Embrace the spirit of peace and love.

Over-Serving Policy

By law we are required to serve alcohol responsibly.

Bongopix Tavern has the right to refuse the sale of alcohol to patrons who are evidently over intoxicated. If you are refused alcohol at our bar, please don’t take it personally. Our staff have been trained through SmartServe to monitor sobriety. Our staff monitor how much alcohol patrons consume, and whether patrons eat food or drink non-alcoholic beverages. Overly intoxicated people may become a danger to themselves or to others. In Ontario, the establishment is liable if an over-intoxicated person hurts themselves or someone else. Whenever we refuse the sale of alcohol to an intoxicated person we will offer alternatives, such as food or non-alcoholic beverages.

Drunk Driving Policy

Drunk driving is a serious offence. Please arrange a designated driver.

If you drink and drive after visiting Bongopix Tavern, not only do you put everyone on the road at risk, you also risk doing legal and financial damage to our business. Our over-serving policy helps enforce our zero tolerance approach to drunk driving. Our servers will ask patrons what their transportation arrangements are, and whether they have a designated driver. If you are an official Designated Driver and abstain from drinking alcohol, the bar will happily provide you with one free soda pop as a token of thanks for acting responsibly and keeping our patrons safe.