I discovered the Slocan Ramblers by random chance one Tuesday night. My wife and I had a late dinner at Sneaky Dees and wanted to go to the nearby Cloak and Dagger for a pint. The Cloak is my favourite pub in Toronto, so it was an absolute delight discovering that this great band played there regularly on Tuesday nights. They’ve been playing at the Cloak and Dagger for the past 2 years and their debut album, “Shaking Down the Acorns”, is what they have to show for it. It’s been on repeat since I purchased it on November 30th. Here are some photos from their CD Release party/show, held at the Tranzac Club. Kristine Schmitt and Her Special Powers opened the show. Fiddler extrodinaire John Showman and singer Jadea Kelly joined the Ramblers for a few songs in the 2nd set.