I’m always bumping into Adam Ruzzo. When we cross paths we usually like to take some pictures, play some music, and do some camping. That’s what we did together at Camp Bongopix this past July.

Adam just got back from a cross-Canada trip. He took his guitar along the journey and ended up writing a brand new album – and it sounds nothing like his first record.

And he wants to debut the new album, Northwest, at the most epic bonfire of the year. You’ve heard the rumours, so here are the details:

– Fire starts promptly at 8pm on Saturday, September 5th, 2015.

– Location: Camp Bongopix. 59 Galeairy Lake Rd., Whitney, ON, K0J 2M0.

– Bring your own marshmallows, beverages, and snacks.

– Rain or shine!

If you have any questions reach out to us (@bongopix) on Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter. Or better yet, find us on Airbnb!!!

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