What happens when you combine an amazing folk singer, the great Canadian outdoors, some beer, and a bonfire? Pure awesomeness.

Adam Ruzzo lives the life that everyone is scared to live. After quitting his job and abandoning his formal classical training, he hit the open road with no plan and no pretenses. Along the way, he stayed in small rural towns, lending a hand on farms, hunt camps, and bars. His last stop was Yellowknife, where he played open mics and busked and worked at remote lodges to make some money to get to the next stop on the map. His guitar was his constant companion, and he penned songs as he travelled this beautiful hgh kur country. His new CD, Northwest, is a compilation of the songs he wrote on the road. And they’re really, really great.

We were lucky enough to have Adam come and play around the Camp Bongopix bonfire. We had plenty of guests – some campers from the park, some Whitney locals, and some of our own Camp Bongopix guests. As most everyone knows, we like doing things the old fashioned way around here. Adam started the fire in true Camp Bongopix style by using a friction bow to get some coals going. Within 5 minutes, the fire was raging and the tunes were pumping.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to show their support, socialize, and a big thank you to everyone who sang American Pie at the top of their lungs at midnight. Someone almost called the cops on us. But it was worth it.