Welcome to the first Bongopix podcast episode! I’m a curious person and I love asking questions. My mission is to talk to wedding/event entrepreneurs, independent artists, and anyone else that I find fascinating or inspirational. I’m going to be chatting with lots of vendors throughout the year with the intention of learning more about what they do. Depending on how things go I might even consider interviewing wedding clients as well – we’ll see where this project takes me!

So let’s jump right into episode #1. You can play the audio file using the SoundCloud app below or simply click on the download icon to download the audio file.

How does a solo guitarist secure a steady flow of gigs without any advertising? What motivates a musician to go on hiatus, disappear on a 6 month cross-Canada trip, and return home with nothing but a thirst for folk music? Meet guitarist Adam Ruzzo!

A quick list of my favourite topics covered in this interview:

– How does a musician cater to a client’s musical taste and expectations?
– Does a ceremony musician get nervous?
– Best way to maintain good customer relations?
– What live music is trending today for wedding ceremonies/cocktail hours?
– Advice for young musicians starting to find more gigs and clients?
– How to stay excited about music when you’re feeling jaded about playing the same material over and over again?

To find Adam Ruzzo check out his website: You can also download his first album, Algonquin Park Sketches, via iTunes.

Aside from discussing weddings and events we also spent some time talking about Canadian folk music – currently Adam’s biggest source of musical inspiration. If you’re looking to check out some of the artists that were mentioned, here’s a quick list of fantastic artists that came up during our conversation:

Ian Tamblyn
Bill Houston
Don Charbonneau
Wade Hemsworth