WOW. We did it again. We turned the tavern into the beating heart of rock and roll in South Algonquin. Thank you to our incredible partners, sponsors, donors, staff, and volunteers. For the first time ever we had a sellout crowd, so THANK YOU to all the patrons for your continued support! Blackfly 2024 was the best yet. The stage was on fire throughout the whole day and night with electric performances from all the musicians. To top it off, thanks to the sweater weather temperature, there were hardly any blackflies or mosquitoes!

We owe huge thanks to our friends: Explorer's Edge, Great Canadian Wilderness, Big Rig Brewery, Chilly Moose, Blackfly Booze, Founder's Original, Collective Arts, Whitewater Brewing Co., Boshkung Brewing Co., Lake of Bays Brewing Co., Nomad Vintage, Whitney Freshmart, The Muse Cafe, Mad Musher Restaurant, and Algonquin Accommodations.

THANK YOU to our incredible Blackfly 2024 performers: Irish Millie, Cale Crowe, Rootfire, Odd Man Out, and Mudmen.

Blackfly Festival

Blackfly Festival 2024 Recap

June 19, 2024
Blackfly Festival

2024 Blackfly Festival: Sat, June 8

April 8, 2024

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