Wow. I'm sitting here alone at Bongopix Tavern as I write this. It's Sunday, June 11th, 2023. The day after the 2023 Whitney Blackfly Festival. What just happened?! I'm looking out at the festival grounds, dismantled by our staff and volunteers this afternoon. Less than 24 hours ago we had hundreds people here, enjoying live music, eating tasty food, drinking Blackfly, and celebrating the spirit of the bug season: peace and love (and blackflies).

THANK YOU everyone who attended our festival and supported live music and good vibes in the Township of South Algonquin. Your attendance and purchases help the good times roll. 2023 was the 5th official Blackfly Festival, and it was the first one after the pandemic pause. It's official: South Algonquin rocks, and Whitney is WILD.

I want to shout out to our incredible partners, vendors, and talent who made this event such a success:

Explorer's Edge, Great Canadian Wilderness, Blackfly Booze, Mask Productions, Double Trouble Bartending, Big Rig Brewery, Bancroft Brewing Co., Datsa Tasty Street Eats, Bon Evans, Tyler Cochrane, Wilno Blues Band, Salt Cellars, JoSö World, Kyle Felhaver Band, Poppa Milts Septic, the volunteers, & Whitney LCBO

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