Blackfly Festival 2018

After 3 years of dormancy, the Whitney Blackfly Festival is BACK! If you’re attending and want to know how much money to bring, if you can smoke, or what will be on our food/drink menu, read on!

What is the admission cost?

Admission to Blackfly Festival is $15. We have a limited capacity of 250 guests, so to reserve a spot, make sure that you buy a ticket in advance at: Operating a festival is a massive undertaking, your cost of admission will help cover the costs of all of our musicians and vendors.

Can I buy tickets at the door?

We have a limited capacity, so to avoid disappointment at the door, we recommend to purchase a ticket online. If you want to roll the dice and buy a ticket at the door, yes, you can pay for your admission of $15 by credit, debit, or cash.

What’s the washroom situation?

Included with your admission is access to 6 porta potties provided by Poppa Milts Septic. We are in the hospitality business, so even though they’re porta potties, we will keep a close eye on them to ensure they are kept clean throughout the festival!

Do you have a flush toilet?

If you prefer to use a flush toilet, you can purchase a $10 VIPee pass to access the flush toilets at Bongopix Tavern. Please note: The VIPee pass does not include indoor seating. It is an in-and-out privilege to use our indoor flush toilet. Even if you buy a VIPee pass, you should still expect to be outdoors for the majority of the festival.

Can I bring my child?

Blackfly 2023 is a 19+ event. All guests who appear 25 years old or younger will be asked for ID. Please bring your ID! By law we cannot allow patrons who cannot prove their age.

Fire ban currently in effect. We will not have a campfire during the fire ban.

Where is the festival?

The festival will take place at Bongopix Tavern, located at 50 Galeairy Lake Road, Whitney, ON, K0J 2M0.

Where can I park my car?

Parking is limited. Free parking along Galeairy Lake Road is permitted. There is also a free parking lot located at Galeairy Lake Memorial Park, at the corner of Highway 60/Galeairy Lake Road.

Don’t drink and drive! We have a responsibility to ensure that our patrons and community are safe. If you intend to drink alcohol, please arrange for a designated driver or a ride to pick you up.

Can I leave my car overnight?

If it’s not safe for you to drive, leave you vehicle parked overnight. Please don’t drink and drive! If you park your vehicle legally on municipal property (Galeairy Lake Road or at Galeairy Lake Memorial Park) you won’t be towed.

What is your drink menu?

We’ve hired Double Trouble Bartending to serve our 2023 Blackfly Drink menu:

$2.50 Water and Pop: Bottled Water, Coke Zero, Coca Cola Original, and craft Ginger Ale by Big Rig

$5 Alcohol Free Drinks: Corona Sunbrew, Collective Arts Hazy Pale Ale, and Collective Arts Surreal Mojito

$6 Bottles: Bud Light & Canadian

$7.50 Craft Beer: Big Rig Hola Mexican Lager, Bancroft Blonde Lady Blonde, Lake of Bays Sparkhouse Red Ale, Bongo Bomb IPA Radler by Big Rig

$7.50 Blackfly Booze Cocktails: Vodka Cranberry, Strawberry Banana Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Tequila Sunrise

What is your food menu?

Food will be served by Datsa Tasty Street Eats, here’s the menu:

$3.50: Hot Dogs

$6 Small Poutine (Vegan and Gluten free)

$10 Large Poutine (Vegan and Gluten free)

$6 Vegan Sausages and Vegan Burgers

$7.50 Sausage on a bun

$8 Beef burger

$9 Taco Bag

Limited capacity. To avoid disappointment order your ticket online in advance.

Can I pay with debit?

Yes, all food, drinks, tickets, and merchandise can be purchased with debit, credit, or cash.

Can I smoke or vape at the festival?

Smoking/vaping (tobacco and cannabis) is permitted in the designated smoke and vape zone. Per Health Department rules, our entire festival patio is smoke free. The smoke zone is 9 metres from the patio, and alcohol must remain in the festival zone. As per Ontario law, patrons may not drink alcohol in the smoke zone. If you need someone to watch your drink, the staff at the door will be happy to make sure your drink is safe.

Is there a limit on drink tickets?

Our bartenders will be adhering to all SmartServe requirements. They have the right to refuse service to patrons that appear visibly intoxicated. When you arrive at the door, our gate staff will also be monitoring sobriety levels and refusing entry to any people who are visibly intoxicated.

What if it rains?

The Blackfly Festival is primarily outdoors. We have tents and tarps to shelter our musicians, sound crew, staff, and drink station, although we do not have rain cover for patrons. If the forecast is rainy, we recommend to bring an umbrella or rain gear.

Can I bring a backpack?

We will allow purses or handbags, but please don’t bring backpacks. If you arrive with a backpack we will check it in and store it safely behind the scenes. When you leave the festival you can pick up your backpack at the door.

Kyle Felhaver Band from Blackfly 2019.

Can I bring a water bottle?

No, sorry, outside food or drink is not permitted. Foreign bottles will be confiscated at the door. Operating the festival is a major financial commitment: please purchase water, pop and other beverages from our bar. We thank you for your support!

What time is the festival?

On June 9 and June 10, the festival runs from 6pm-12am.

What bands are playing at the festival?

June 9:

Bon evans from 6pm-8pm (Indie Alternative Rock)

Tyler Cochrane 8pm-10pm (Outlaw Country)

Wilno Blues Band 10pm-midnight (Blues Rock)

June 10:

The Salt Cellars 6PM-8PM (Folk)

JoSo 8pm-10pm (Folk/Pop/Violin)

The Kyle Felhaver Band 10pm-midnight (Traditional/Folk/Fiddle)

What do I do if there are blackflies or mosquitoes?

The best and cleanest way of protecting yourself against the lovable biting insects is to COVER UP YOUR SKIN! Long pants, long sleeves, and a "bug jacket" are the best form of protection.

Be prepared for the bugs! (and possibly rain!)
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