Candid Covid, Episode 01: Chris Palmer


Chris Palmer Interview

Meet Chris Palmer, a talented general contractor from Little Britain, Ontario. Camp Bongopix hired Chris to complete major renovations at our lodge in June 2019. We felt Chris had a style and brand that meshed with Bongopix. His company, Handcrafted by Chris Palmer, surpassed expectations. I wanted to reconnect with Chris to get an inside scoop about how his industry is dealing with the pandemic. Chris is also very involved with both TV media and social media so I was also curious to see how those industries are changing. Although he’s very humble when talking about himself as a media personality, I think Chris’ YouTube channel is a model example of how to be successful at social media. Check it out! For Chris’ website, check out:

Part professional development, part therapy, Candid Covid is a video interview series I’m starting with the goal of connecting and sharing good ideas with small business owners. COVID-19 is a major disruption and I believe that the only way forward is if we adapt and evolve to the situation at hand. I’m hoping to gain inspiration from other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Yes, we are facing a very uncertain time. But I keep on telling myself: I didn’t become a small business owner because I was expecting a predictable life. I love the spirit of entrepreneurism. We can still “follow our dreams” in a post-covid world. We just have to change the dream. If anything, the emergence of COVID-19 sets our society up in a position to discover new ways to make money and live the small business lifestyle. We can’t forget we’re just in the beginning stage of this global pandemic. Rather than getting “back to normal”, we should be focused on inventing our new normal.

Monday, May 18, 2020.

Bongo, Whitney, ON