5 years ago today, we attended our first ever music jam in South Algonquin. We arrived in Whitney on a Sunday. April 12th, 2015, to be exact. By Wednesday of that same week, we were dancing to live music in a private basement that was set up like a bar. The music was: Neil Young, Tragically Hip, and John Prine. Then we got introduced to Steve Earle, David Wilcox, and Johnny Horton. And then I finally began to appreciate the Eagles, which I’m ashamed to admit took until 2015. By our third day of being here we officially did not miss Toronto or ever want to go back. We were in kitchen party country, and it felt more like home than anywhere else.

We were initially drawn here because of the wilderness setting. We had no idea there was a music scene here! As lifelong music lovers, we delightfully got absorbed right into the live musical culture of South Algonquin. There are more guitars in South Algonquin than there are human beings. My theory is that this land is magical. The undeveloped character of Whitney makes us all closer to nature. That close proximity to silence, stars, the wind, birds, the open fresh air, the canoe rides, the psychedelic sunsets; this imagery that we are immersed in, I believe, encourages creatives to explore music.

We want to thank all of the local musicians and music lovers who have jammed with us over the past 5 years! It has been an incredible journey. The best part is that there are still so many more songs to learn and play!

Peace and love from Whitney.

April 15, 2020.